Чем был бы этот остров без международной торговли "What would this island (Earth) be without foreign trade, but a place of confinement to the inhabitants, who (without it) could be but a kind of hermites, as being separated from the rest of the world; it is foreign trade that renders us rich, honourable and great, that gives us a name and esteem in the world".

Charles Molloy,
De Jure Maritimo et Navale, 1676
Первый научный труд в области права международной торговли

MIRIPRAVO.RU web resource has been in business since September, 21st, 1999, it is an online service of business lawyer Kabyshev Oleg Anatolyevich (International Trade Law Office)  contact information and references. The basic purpose of the resource is to assist the russian participants of foreign trade activities and their foreign partners both in the West, and in the East in establishing a secure legal foundation of business cooperation. For that purpose, an authentic panorama of international trade and contract law is given.

On a par with applicable law rules and commercial usages, an international commercial contract is the basic legal mechanism regulating the international economic cooperation. Serious business relations between contracting parties from different countries can successfully develop only on basis of well considered and balanced contracts taking account of the rights, risks and legitimate interests of the parties, as well as mandatory rules of the applicable law. Businessmen and professional law, financial and business advisers will find on pages of the resource a broad spectrum of model forms (samples) of international commercial contracts, model documents, comments, legal manuals and advices, explanations, analytic materials, texts of international law acts and commercial usages, and other materials necessary for legalization and execution of international deals, as well as for settlement of the subsequent disputes.

All documents are commonly presented in Russian and English languages and on free-of-charge basis. Part of documents - model contracts and collections of contracts - are distributed on a commercial basis via the ¬

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